The Hunger Games trailer

DISCLAIMER: I own none of it. Other than the video itself. The movies and song belong to their respective selves, and the book belongs to Suzanne Collins.

Sonal was the one who introduced me to this excellent book, so she totally gets credit lol.

Yes, there are so many things wrong. LIKE THE FACT THAT, ESPECIALLY ON YOUTUBE, IT'S SO DARK. LIKE THAT BLANK SPOT WHERE THE CAPITOL IS SUPPOSED TO BE, BUT NO VIDEO CLIPS WILL RENDER ASDFLKJADF. And the fact that there are way too many people in certain scenes, and the fact that a lot of times the video doesn't make sense. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD. I wanted to focus more on the accuracy of the actions done instead of perfectly matching the book in terms of looks and whatnot.

Blah. I'll remake and re-upload it sometime, and I'll FIX THAT BLANK SPOT.

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