The Hunger Games Trailer

*THIS ISN'T A REAL TRAILER AND CONTAINS NO CLIPS OF THE MOVIE, SEEING AS THE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED MAKING IT YET!* I used the clips I could and that matched the story pretty well so stop bitching about there being Twilight, or Harry Potter, or whatever else, sorry I can't magically come up with the perfect footage for the book.
This is a fan made trailer for the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This is the first movie I have done purely for fun, not for a school project or anything. Enjoy
Song- "You Should Have Killed Me when You Had The Chance" by A Day To Remember

*Important!! I do not take credit for any of these clips. They are not mine and they dont belong to me. I also did not find most of these on my own. I used clips from these people's movies:
and I'm pretty sure thats it. But if I missed someone then leave me comment or message and i will gladly give you credit
I highly suggest that you check out those people's videos, they are very good.

*!Note: No Copyright Infringement Intended Everything belongs to their rightful owners!*

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